Case studies

Emergency Care Summary of NHS Scotland, UK

A primary care medication and allergies record for the whole population of some 5 million people, available 24/7 to Out of Hours (OOH), Accident and Emergency (A&E), and NHS24 (call helpline) services.
The socio-economic impact of NHS Scotland’s Emergency Care Summary

Computerised Patient Record Systems at the University Hospitals of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

An EPR-based information system, including full CPOE, across the 7 public and teaching hospitals on 4 campuses and more than 30 ambulatory facilities.
The socio-economic impact of the computerised patient record systems at the University Hospitals of Geneva

Hospital Information System at the National Heart Hospital Sofia, Bulgaria

An EPR-based information system putting the patient at the centre of medical and non-medical processes in the multi-site hospital.
The socio-economic impact of the Hospital Information System in National Heart Hospital-Sofia, Bulgaria

Социално-икономическото въздействие на болничната информационна система в Национална кардиологична болница – София, България

Regional EHR and ePrescribing system Diraya in Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia's EHR and ePrescribing system, currently comprising more than 6.8 million records, connects the majority of the region's public primary care facilities, ambulatory and A&E hospital departments, as well as all pharmacies.

The socio-economic impact of Diraya, the regional EHR and ePrescribing system of Andalucía’s public health service

Regional ePrescribing system Receta XXI in Andalusia, Spain

Receta XXI is a module of Diraya serving all medication related processes in primary care – from ePrescription to dispensing – including decision support features and interfaces to other systems like billing and pharmacy stock management.

The socio-economic impact of Receta XXI, the regional ePrescribing system of Andalucía’s public health service

Regional integrated EHR and ePrescribing across the Kronoberg county, Sweden

A standardised, fully integrated and shared electronic healthcare record and ePrescribing system spanning the entire health service system and available to all 2 hospitals, 31 healthcare centres, 3 mental health units, and 25 dental care centres in Kronoberg county.

The socio-economic impact of the regional integrated EHR and ePrescribing system in Kronoberg county, Sweden

The Kolín-Čáslav health data and exchange network, Czech Republic

Two hospitals and 20 private doctor (GPs and specialists) practices exchange medical records of patients facilitating continuity of care.
The socio-economic impact of the Kolín-Čáslav health data and exchange network

Dossier Patient Partagé Réparti (DPPR) – Shared and Distributed Patient Record platform in the Rhone-Alpes Region, France

The health platform connects 30 hospitals in the Rhone-Alpes Region. The DPPR covers 2 million medical documents for 200,000 patients stored remotely and accessed in real time independent of the healthcare location.
The socio-economic impact of the health information system of the Rhône-Alpes region (SISRA)

Regional Healthcare Information System in Lombardy, Italy

An ePrescribing and EHR network covering the whole Lombardian population connects 34 public hospitals, 2,500 pharmacies, 15 local healthcare units, and 1,500 private healthcare service providers.

The socio-economic impact of the health information platform Sistema SISS in the region of Lombardy, Italy

Nation-wide health information network, Israel (qualitative report)

A network for sharing all existing medical information from any point of care, covering nearly 5 million people. The interoperability solution specifically created for health information exchange (HIE) spreads across healthcare service boundaries.
The socio-economic impact of the electronic health records and health information network in Israel

NorthShore University HealthSystem, Northwestern Healthcare, USA (qualitative report)

This complex hospital information system connects 4 hospitals and about 80 GP offices. Among the roughly 6.000 USA hospitals, it is one of the very few using a completely electronic, fully integrated health record and hospital information system that is built around the patient.
The socio-economic impact of the EHR system at NorthShore University HealthSystem, Chicago